Chesney Visits Ocean Shores

Chesney Visits Ocean Shores

OH. EM. GEE! Today was the BEST DAY, EVER!

Awaking me from my slumber – I do this frequently whenever I’m the shotgun rider – the biped smiled at me as he said “We’re here!” as he put a leash on me. Hopping out of the SUV, I immediately noticed a new sensation on my four paws that I had never felt before: sand.

Somehow today, I went from sleeping in my favorite bed, to running around like a crazy dog at my new favorite playground: the ocean. The biped delivered on his promise from last week.

And there was so much to do: running away from waves, running after seagulls, sniffing crabs, saying hello to the other dogs and their bipeds, being shown love by mini-bipeds, and challenging the horses to a gallup race. They declined; I’m confident I can beat them in a race.

But my favorite thing to do is play coy with the biped and see how frustrated I can get him. He bought a kite this morning – pretty much all bipeds on the beach had one – and trying to fly it. But since he didn’t give me any of his chicken wings from Calhoun’s Wings ‘N Things, I decided to make life difficult for him. The biped has two hands, and I’m just barely smart enough to figure out that with two strings, plus my leash, flying a kit will be pretty hard to do.

After twenty minutes of trying – I kept running around in circles around him and the kite – he gave up laughing, conceding defeat to me.

Chesney 1, Biped 0.

The biped has been playing a lot of songs by some singer named “Kenny Chesney” – must have been named after me! – who always sings about this big orange ball sinkin’ in the water. The biped promised me that tonight, we’d have a front row seat to witnessing those lyrics in real life. I cannot wait – it should be the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Life is good when your beachin’.

– Chesney

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