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Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ Custom Vinyl | Tony Schwartz

So, this is pretty cool.

One of the things that’s universally accepted by nearly all wedding DJs – which rarely, ever happens – is that banners advertising your DJ company are tacky and inappropriate for weddings, which I 100% agree with. Keep it classy; if your wedding MC & DJ talents impress someone, they’ll ask for a card or they’ll obtain your contact information from the client.

However, I maintain the position that small, inconspicuous methods of displaying your branding is perfectly acceptable. Just as long as it doesn’t stick out like an orange pole with skateboard stickers and old club flyers on it. “Hey stranger, you want to come out to my DJ night? 9 o’clock!”

Hence, I’m stoked to share with you my custom designed vinyl control records that I just received from These things are dope and will be great for those dance floor photos from behind the DJ booth. Production and shipping turnaround after the initial order was quick, and the customer service was excellent from start to finish! They do have a small logo displayed at the bottom of each vinyl; at $79.00 a pair, I feel the logo is unnecessary but I’ll let it pass as it is pretty innocuous.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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