How I Organize My XLR Cables

How I Organize My XLR Cables | Tony Schwartz

A couple of DJs over on my YouTube channel asked me how I organize my XLR cables and I promised them a video. Here’s my method, and while it’s not the only way, it works really well for me. For your convenience, you can even find links to the various items featured in this video below.

Equipment List:

DJs: how do you organize your XLR cables? Let me know in the comment section below!

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4 thoughts on “How I Organize My XLR Cables

  1. André says:

    Nice to provide some information to help around.

    Here is my tip to organize cables.
    Doesn’t matter, it works for power, xlr, speaker cables.
    Use collors!
    A small sticker a 10cm from the connector. You can see it from a distance … we use scrink plastic around the cables.
    Let’s say red for 20 meter, green for 15, bleu for 10, yellow for 5 and so on.
    Reggards, André

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