Hustle & Be You

Hustle & Be You | Tony Schwartz

That image above? It’s what I believe is the “secret” to success. It took me four years to learn it and fully understand it.

Marketers, gurus, industry experts, pretty much anyone who puts up a Facebook Dark Post with a “secret strategy”? They have something they want to sell you. Very little has value. Nearly all of it is meaningless.

The successful entrepreneurs I know don’t waste their time with nor spend their money on meaningless crap. They wake up each day, and they work their hardest in the manner that suits them best. They figured out what works to for them to be successful.

It doesn’t matter what hustling looks like for me, for you, or for anyone else. It varies from person-to-person. All that matters is that you hustle. Because when you do, AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN.

Be You & Hustle. Hustle & Be You. Just get to it.

And for the record, I created that graphic. It took me 47 seconds and I really like it.

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