I Do My Best Work At Night

I Do My Best Work At Night | Tony Schwartz

Ever since I was little, I’ve despised getting up early. I remember when I was attending Aylen Junior High and the first class of the day started at 7:45 am.


Of course, the bell schedules for high school and college weren’t any better; somehow, my elected major and minors ensured I had a class begin at 8 am five days a week. And I understand why this is the way it is. It’s conditioning for the “real” world, where one clocks in at 8:00 am and clocks out at 5:00 pm. However, as Mark Sisson of The Primal Blueprint notes, humans are setup as different chronotypes and I agree wholeheartedly; I believe some people are biologically configured to function better at night rather than during the day. Plus, I feel pretty badass being the “lookout man, the nighttime raider, the drummer around the fire” as Mr. Sisson describes the night owl chronotype.

The funny thing is, most creative types tend to be those type of people. Professional athletes tend to be those type of people. Wedding and event industry professionals are definitely those type of people. DJs are those type of people.

Clearly, I am one of those people.

The struggle is real, however, as I, the business owner, still have an office to tend to during the day. There are phone calls and emails to answer, as well as routine business tasks to take care of, as well. And while I try my best to prevent the distractions of social media and email notifications, as well as ringing telephones, the consumptions of time these distractions inflict add up. Just drafting a blog article during the day can take up to two hours. Pulling my client’s formal music selections and writing my Master of Ceremonies script takes FOR-EVER. (Side Note: If you are a fan of the movie, “The Sandlot”, you’ll appreciate that link.)

Honestly, I’d much rather be at the gym at 9 am then the office. I’d rather watch a movie at a theatre during the day then at night. Pretty much everything most humans like to do in the evening, I’d rather do in the morning and day time hours. I can’t explain it – it just feels more natural to me to relax in the morning and early afternoon than in the evening. But as an entrepreneur can attest to, you have to be there when the phone rings. So lately, I have felt myself just trying to survive the daytime hours, eagerly anticipating the peace and quiet that the evening brings.

And that’s when I finally get my business handled.

Every weeknight from 9 pm until about 1 am, I am an efficient beast, blasting through the tasks that need to get done. My mind is clear, yet focused, and there are ZERO distractions. And the best part? My creativity really opens up and I’m able to produce some amazing content, some of which you see on this very blog. (Hell, this blog post only took me twenty-five minutes to draft up.) And I’m able to get some reading done; 10,000 Hours by Phyllis Lane is the first book I am reading for my 30 Business Books in 30 Weeks Challenge.

So yesterday, I bought a new fire pit – the one you see pictured above. It was on late summer discount – last one in stock! 😉  so I got a great deal on it. It looks a million times better than my old one. Even Chesney – who somehow is neither an early bird or night owl – enjoyed the moments of freedom off leash I gave him; rather than trying to run off, he laid down in the grass next to the fire, clearly enjoying his little slice of heaven. But the main reason I bought it was so I could still enjoy the hot summer evenings while get some REAL work done at night. And, as I sat by the fire last night, I made some serious headway on some projects I’ve been meaning to get done.

Label me victorious. +1 point for me.

Are you a night owl or an early bird? When do you do your best work? Tell me below in the comments!

4 thoughts on “I Do My Best Work At Night

  1. Janis says:

    I’m glad to see that there’s a name for this “affliction!” I will read Mark Sisson’s book! I’ve been allergic to mornings all my life, too!

    • Tony Schwartz says:

      “The Primal Blueprint” is a great book about living a simpler life in a modern world; one similar to those our caveman ancestors lived. Grok on! (You’ll get that after reading)

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