Nothing New, Everything Sucks

Nothing New, Everything Sucks | Tony Schwartz

Chesney Update: Nothing new, everything sucks. We made a 3 am Emergency Vet visit this morning after a bad episode from Chesney, and their only suggestion is the same as any other vets we visited today when panic set in: hospitalize him for observation.

I, or one of my parents, have been observing him 24/7 since Wednesday morning. I’ve slept 35 minutes since Wednesday morning. I’ve observed everything an animal hospital will see. Yet, no vet will offer even possible diagnoses based of my observations.

It’s frustrating to not have answers to make an informed decision – I’ve been quoted $2-3k and up for hospitalization with no guarantee other then “We will observe him” – and I hate that I’m being treated like just another transaction. I would never treat my clients that way.

So, we’re just going to watch Boston Red Sox baseball tonight and just rest on the couch until Monday morning when my vet opens his office again. Hopefully, that’s the right prescription.

This is the worst feeling, ever.


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